Mike Madden is credited with making the first exploration dive in the Nohoch Cave system in Mexico in 1986.  For the next 14 years he organized and led teams of divers exploring and filming of the Nohoch system establishing it as world’s longest underwater cave system.  Mike was recognized for his work in the caves by his induction into the prestigious New York Explorers Club 1991, the Guinness Book of World Records 1992 -1999 and finalist in the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 1996. As a leader and explorer he has been the featured speaker at many international and corporate events.  His work and photographs have  appeared in National Geographic Magazine and dozens of prestigious publications worldwide featuring the "paint with light" technique he and his partner Ron Winiker developed for the underwater cave environment.

 "There have been so may great explorers work with me through the years ... cave diving is a team sport and I was lucky enough to assemble some of the most talented men and women who year after year feverishly worked to help the CEDAM and later the NOHOCH Cave Diving teams advance the survey and study one of the last unknown places left on the planet.  It was a great learning experience for us all and I feel very fortunate to have been there."  Mike Madden