Nohoch Productions

Lone Diver ⓒ Mike Madden & Ron Winiker

Lone Diver ⓒ Mike Madden & Ron Winiker

Nohoch Productions began in the Yucatan Peninsula in 1989 as the television & film production arm of the CEDAM / Nohoch Cave Diving Team. Mike Madden through organizing the exploration of the Nohoch Nah Chich Cave system on annual expeditions attracted film makers and documentarians from around the world including the BBC, National Geographic, CBS and TVE.

A Hole in Time ⓒ Mike Madden & Ron Winiker

Painting With Light

Often used in air caves, multiple exposures on a single frame, was adapted by Mike Madden and Ron Winiker who developed this unique process to highlight the beauty and depth of the decorated galleries of the underwater caves. Continuing with this multi layered approach to imaging into the moving picture is the hallmark Mike Madden’s style as a Director of Photography. FILMOGRAPHY